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Technically, ALL beer on earth can be broken down into two categories; Ales and Lagers.  However, for the purposes of this blog, the average beer drinker, and even the World Beer Cup and Brewers Association there are dozens and dozens of different categories and break downs.  There are also dozens of classifications of wine (usually based on the grape they're from). So I hope you enjoy my rankings of similar style beers and wines specifically from each brewery and winery I've been to.


Semi-Dry Riesling (RRW)

Bear Pond Riesling (BPW)

Semi-Sweet Riesling (RRW)

Sunlight White (RRW)

Rrr-Riesling (BPW)


Jakes Vanilla Bean Porter (PPBC)

Piehole Porter (HBC)

Bench Warmers (CBC)

Vanilla Porter (SUB)

Black Jack Porter (LHBC)

Black Chip (T7)

Pumpkin Porter (BBA)

Mr. Casties Vilnius Porter (BB)

Blackbird (FBC)

Lumberyard Porter (LBC)

Fire & Ice (BKB)

Petrified Porter (PBC)


Two Hearted Ale (BB)

Trooper IPA (SUB)

Ponderosa IPA (PBC)

Joy Rye'd (HBC)

Hop Knot (4P)

2 Paws (PPBC)

Half Stack (SCBS)

Snapper head IPA (BBA)

Wheat IPA (HBC)

Ruination (SBC)

Evil Giant (BBC)

White Walls IPA (MRBC)

Infinitude IPA (SDBC)

Lumberyard IPA (LBC)

Full Stack (SCBS)

RAJ (4P)

Hop House BPA (OMM)

Backyard IPA (CBC)

8th Street (4P)

Desert Magic IPA (MBC)

Citramellony (PPBC)

Knotty Pine (LBC)

Roadside Xtr (MRBC)


Menghini Chard (MW)

RR Chard (RRW)

Bear Pond Chard (BPW)

Ambassador (OW)

Blonde/Golden Ales

9 Man Ale (CBC)

St. James English Mild (PPBC)

South Branch Summer (PPBC)

Smitten (BB)

Saison/Farmhouse Style

Sorachi Ace (BKB)

Hennepin (OMM)

Vermillion Saison Rouge (BBC)

Fruit Wines

Dolcezza (JJW)

Bruiser B&B (BPW)

Pommier (JJW)

Irish Red /Scottish Style

Kilt Lifter (4P)

Old Chub (OBBC)

Scottish Import (BBA)

Winter Ale (BKB)

Home-brew (NB)


Wildcat Rose (RRW)

Drought Rose (BPW)

Estate Rose (OW)

Amber/Red Lagers

Traditional Lager (YSB.)

Brooklyn Lager (BKB)

Royal Red (T7)

Boston Lager (BBC)

Liquid Amber (PBC)

Wheat Beers/ Hefeweizen

Oberon (BB)

Full Moon (MBC)

Four Peaks Hef (4P)

Sweaty Betty (BBC)

Widmer Bros Hef (WBB)

Blue Moon (BMBC)

Witte (OMM)

White Water Wit (LBC)

Welter Wit (SDBC)
Heinnieweiss (BBA)

Honey Wheat (CRB)

Dry Heat (MBC)

Lumberyard Hef (LBC)

High Roller Gold (T7)

Willow Wheat (PBC)

Special, Strong and Ales with no Classification

Pride of Milford (CBC)

Glasgow Kiss/ Wee Heavy (SDBC)

Defiance (PBC)

Bourbon Cask Ale (BKB)

Muddy Rock Rye Nugget (CRB)

Antagonist ESB (BBC)

Saxon Old Ale (SDBC)

Sunken Island Scotch )CRB)

Lakshmi Iperial Red (SDBC)

Frau Blucher- Rauchbier (BBC)

Uncle Boon's Brew (BBC)

Cabernet Franc and Red Blends

Bear Pond Cab Franc (BPW)

Black Dog (RRW)

Amber/Red Ale

Rare Vos (OMM)

Fat Tire (NBBC)

Lumberyard Red (LBC)

Drive Shaft Copper (MRBC)

Bell's Amber (BB)

Scorpion Amber (MBC)

Agassiz Amber (FBC)

Deb's Red Ale (BB)

Awesome Amber (SUB)

SD Amber (SDBC)

Sleeping Lion (CRB)

Amber Ale (PBC)

Gus Meister Amber (PPBC)

Brown Ale

Abbey Ale (OMM)

Leatherstocking Brown (CRB)

Maple Isle Ale (PPBC)

PNW Mahogany Ale (SCBS)

Walnut Brown (PBC)

Cabernet Sauvignon


Conn Creek Cab Sav. (CCW)

Menghini Cab Sav. (MW) 

Jenkin Cab Sav. (JJW)

Pilsner/Kolsch Style


Gold Road (MRBC)

Flagbrew Kolsch (FBC)

Sunbru (4P)

Canyon Pilsner (LBC)

Hopped Up (HBC)

Fruit and Cream Ales


Lightrial Cream Ale (SUB)

Cherry Weis (BBA)

Havablue (MBC)

Strawberry Wheat (PBC)

Peach Ale (4P)

Raspberry Ale (LBC)

Longpole Light (PBC)

Grapefruit Groveland (MRBC)

Moscato family


Julian Gold (MW)

Sauvignon Blanc


Menghini SB (MW)

Jenkins SB (JJW)

Pinot Noir


Element 119 (OW)

Estate Pinot N (JJW)

Pinot Grigio


Estate Pinot G (JJW)

White Wine Blends


La Nostra Uve (MW)



Full Syrah (MW)

Late Harvest (OW)



Old Vine (OW)



Sangiovese (OW)

American and Light Lagers


Longboard (KBC)

Olympic White Lagrrr (SCBS)

California Common (CRB)

Upriver Light (MBC)

19-33 Queens Lagrrr (SCBS)

Hibiscus Sour (SCBS)

Black Ales


Black Talon IPA (PPBC)

Santa Fe Black IPA (SFBC)

Lumberyard Black IPA (LBC)

Lost Highway Imperial Black (MRBC)



Old Rasputin (NCBC)

Obsidian (DBC)

Moochelle Nitro Milk Stout (BBC)

Kalamazoo Stout (BB)

Achocolypse (PBC)

Breakfast Blend (BB)

Special Oatmeal (T7)

Moo Thunder (BBA)

Light Out Stout (BBC)

Oatmeal Stout (4P)

Chocolate Indulgence (OMM)

Bacon Coffee Stout (HBC)

Pale Ales

Cuvee la Boite (BKB)

Old Slugger (CBC)

Experimental Hop (BB)

Pale 31 (FWBC)

Green Room (BBC)

Red Arrow Rye (PPBC)

Porkslap (BBA)

Marker (T7)

Stinger (SUB)

Prescott Pale (PBC)